My SoundCloud Playlist For The Week (X)

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Happy New Week everyone. The past weekend was eventful and significant. I conducted my first ever free 3-day online voice training class and it was a success. Singing is what i enjoy doing and i had found out long ago that teaching it is fun too. When I thought about doing it online, I was bothered about how it was going to go. There was so much to do, 9 – 5 and all, I even thought about calling it off. But I did not.

I did it.

I enjoyed it, especially the fact that the participants had so much potential. I tried as much as possible to touch all the basics in three days and I couldn’t be more satisfied with the fact that I gave them enough to help them until they are ready for full time voice coaching.

Yup! I can walk with you on your path to a professional voice at a fee.

So clink clink. Let’s drink. Cheers to this feat. (Oops! It is water guys. I am a teetotaler)

Here are some reviews;

The next free class will be holding from May 17th – May 19th. You can send a request here, and you will be enlisted for the class. Spots are limited.

Anyways I have good soundcloud music as usual to give you a good dose of eargasms.

1. Aybee Omari – When I Get To Heaven

First time I came across this song, I remember going “Is this a Nigerian? We have people like this?”. I was still in the university at the time. The scene didn’t have alot of people with a distinct sound. I mean alot of people trying not to do the same thing. It was refreshing. This song samples Lana del Rey’s “Young and Beautiful”. It is a gospel song talking about God’s unconditional love.

2. Johnny Drille – Wait For Me

This song. Where do I begin? I love this song alot for all the right reasons. It is safe to say this song can never do wrong. Storytelling at its finest. If you are gonna be away for a while, best play this song the night before you leave for your lover. You risk him/her melting into a pool of emotions anytime the song comes on but at least you stain the song with you so whenever they hear it, they know you are going to return.

Phew. So emosh.

3. Boogey – Ain’t From Around Here

Boogey does it different. This is the soundtrack of that Nollywood dystopic movie that has not been made yet. I don’t know if it has a video yet, but if it does, we need to see things burning, glass breaking and the ground caving in. Good song.

4. Chika – Want Me (Daydreaming)

You’ve heard about her. If you haven’t, she is the awesome Nigerian rapper based in the US, carving a niche in the very vibrant rap scene over there. She has gotten the attention of top rappers and she has been likened to Notorious BIG. I love the fact that she is audible and her flow is unapologetically her. This song is for everyone trying to get that girl of their dreams. Just take her to a karaoke bar, grab the mic and rap this song to her.

5. Miley Cyrus – We Can’t Stop

This is a classic. It was and is still a hit. I may not be able to relate with the story of the song, but the melody has the potential of putting me in a “feel good” mood. It is an all time Miley fave. Everyone loved it when it was first released, and I’m sure we love it still.

To jam this playlist nonstop, check below.

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