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I write songs every month. I would have said every week, which is truthfully so, but let’s keep it at a month now shall we? Lol.

I am in my happy place when I write music. It comes super easy for me. I am happy to write for self and others everytime. It’s a high without the short term side effects and brain damage. Love it.

My dream job is to be a songwriter/record producer. By record producer, I do not mean recording engineer. I mean the person who creatively directs and presides over a studio session or a musical project.

“The music producer is in charge of either writing the material or if he didn’t write it, he’s in charge of organizing it and making it sound like a cohesive song. He calls all the shots on what’s played, and when it’s played, and how it’s played, and the sounds that are used, or the vocals that are recorded if they’re correct or not. The producer is in charge of everything.”

Rick Camp, RC1 Productions & Master Mix Live – Las Vegas, NV

“Music producers can be viewed in the same role that directors serve for film. They creatively guide and direct the process of making a record” – Recording Connection

The recording engineer is the person who works with the DAWs, bringing the thoughts of the Recording Producer alive on behalf of the artist. Kind of like what Cookie does for Tiana in Empire. Or did? I don’t know. Sadly, I don’t have time to watch the show anymore.

So yeah, the dream job is to spend hours in the studio making music, writing music and directing studio sessions. Every day will literally be a dream. God, please do your thing.

Why am I talking about this? I am because I will be dropping links to original unreleased songs I wrote here just before I bless you with the playlist for today. Feel free to comment on any of them. Reviews are always welcome.

Now to the playlist of the week;

  • Cardi B – Be Careful

Cardi B has done incredibly well for herself it is so exciting to watch. This song is one of my all time Cardi faves. Love the go hard but calm flow. I can definitely play this all day.

  • Lucy Spraggan – Unsinkable

I have never heard any badly written Lucy song. All her songs are really good. This song is motivational. It says no matter what’s happening, we stay determined to triumph.

Waiting for the light on the horizon to guide me
I keep on fighting ‘til the tides subsiding
If I live with the last love I possessed
Then the ocean floor will not be where I rest

  • Natasha Motley – Tattoo

This is a classic rnb vibe by Natasha. It gives major 90s vibes. Great background song for you and your lover’s cuddle sessions.

  • Bebe Rexha – I’m Gonna Show You Crazy

There’s a war inside my head
Sometimes I wish that I was dead, I’m broken
So I call this therapist
And she said, “Girl, you can’t be fixed, just take this.”

This song is a story about someone who is in serious psychological distress and is tired of her therapist pumping her full with pills. Most times, all the pills do is fix the symptoms and do nothing about the problem’s source. There is also the case of not needing pills but getting prescribed one anyways. (Well say hello to the big pharma conspiracy.)

This song aptly describes the anxiety that comes with the pressure to fit in and appear normal.

I’ve been searching city streets
Trying to find the missing piece like you said
And I say child don’t need to find
There’s not a single thing that’s wrong with my mind

It is a beautiful song. Enjoy.

  • Devon Baldwin – Ocean

Devon poured her pain into this song. She suffered a lung injury and her doctor told her it wasn’t certain if she was ever going to be able to sing again. This song is her metaphorically alluding to pain, sheer hopelessness, depression and overcoming it all. She is out of this place but this song is a beautiful reminder.

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